Online Yoga Classes

More content coming soon ....

Didn't manage to make it to class this week or just in need of a quick fix of yoga to get you through the day? I'm working on bringing you classes and shorter content to help support you in practicing away from the mat - keep checking back in, or sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates!

Free Online Yoga Videos

This short breathing practice uses a range of hand gestures (mudras) to help calm the nervous system and leave you feeling relaxed - let me know how you get on!!

An opportunity to hit pause and reflect on any intentions present at the time of a new moon. We'll start with the opportunity to soften and slow down before we move on to a fluid moon inspired flow. Enjoy!

For when you can't quite decide! We'll take the same sequence twice through: once using our yin mentality and then the second time using a yang approach before taking a calming pranayama and settling into Savasana. Bliss!!

A short guided Sun Salutation practice - perfect for when you need a quick yoga fix!

This is all about taking your attention into the smaller details of the body - we'll be working to remove tension from the neck, shoulders and lower back by using small movements. Perfect for when you don't want to expend too much energy!